Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mask Breaker

As I look back over my life, the many years of wearing various masks, it brings up different memories from periods of times in my life. I think we all wear masks at times, its a protection. And, at some point, some of us get brave and take the masks off, all the way or maybe a little. But, I want the masks to be broken, so I can never pick them back up. Jesus is my Mask Breaker and He has already broken many of my Masks.
I'm finding that Masks come in so many sizes and disguises. They can also be deceiving. I have been praying for God to reveal truth to me, truth about myself and the world I live in. He has been removing masks for me that I didn't see before. He has been asking me to do things that I didn't think I would ever do, or didn't ever want to do! He has been removing masks that I hadn't seen.
I've asked God to break my mask of fear. I am afraid of seeking counseling from a therapist. When I think of doing that, I run the other direction using as many excuses as I can think of. It's not that I won't go talk to someone, I just can't commit to a steady plan. I put the mask on of "once in awhile will do" and off I go. But, the truth is, I was once severely wounded by a therapist, and the only way I will recover from that experience is to go back to a caring therapist and be safe. I have to let Jesus take off the mask, break it, and heal my heart. This is not going to be easy for me, truth be told, I'm scared out of my wits!
Give me some kind of mask to put on so I can hide my fear, please.....the funny mask, the sarcasm mask, the irritated mask, there's got to be something left.  I've worn them all, and I've handed them all to God and asked Him to break them all.  But, I'm pretty crafty, I've made new ones too.
So, today, I am asking Jesus to just break the masks that I try to wear. Keep my eyes on Him, focused. I am alive, complete, full IN Him. I love Him, and He has brought me to this place. He will continue to reveal truth and capture me In His Hands!
Jesus Say That Again, You are the Mask Breaker, and I am giving You permission to break all my Masks!

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