Friday, December 23, 2011

The Deed

 I have been asking Jesus to love my children through me. I need Him to love them through my actions, my words, my very essence.  The very essence of love is meeting the needs of others. And, my most important assignment from God is to meet the needs of those who are close to me. My husband and my children. I know I can't do that, I need God to work through me to do this.
The days that my daughter is screaming because she doesn't want to eat eggs for breakfast or my son is crying because my daughter is screaming. The times when my stinky dog is just a little too stinky. And the times when my husband is out of town and I am sick. The days that I feel drained, stretched to my limit, pulled in a millions directions, and I just want to stay home forever where I feel safe.  I need God to pulse through me, be my brain, be truth, fight for me, be the love in action, the rescue, the revival, the retreat, the rest, the everlasting promise!
Life isn't life without God. My deeds are worth nothing if they are not deeds done through His hands, His love, His way.  His arms wrapped around my child will show love, His Hands will feed my family, His words will speak kindly, He enables me. Praise to Him!
Say that Again, Jesus, thank you for using me to minister in deed and truth to my family.  Keep working through me, Jesus, use me for Your Kingdom, teach me, love through me!

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