Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Visit

Our grandchild was born one year ago today! She is a Christmas Eve baby, and it's hard to believe that a year has gone by already. I remember the day well, how exciting it was to think that we had a new member in the family. And, the feeling of walking in the hospital room and seeing her in the arms of my son, so little and so warm, and so beautiful.  All my sons were there with there wives gathered around to see this little child, and it was a delightful sight. And, they named her Bella Brady, Brady after her daddy.
We had the joy of spending the first few months with Bella and watching her grow, but after her parents moved out we have not seen much of them. Her mother has needed space from our family, and does not visit. But, this Christmas, we chose to visit them. It was the first time to play with Bella Brady since she was three months old, and it was very nice. We sat on the floor with our son, and his daughter and gave them gifts. We took pictures. We slowly introduced ourselves to our grandchild that has been kept from us, and it felt like a basket of mixed emotions. Some were exciting, some were painful, some were anger, some were confused, some were joy, and many I didn't even know. As I looked upon my son with his daughter it was clear that he has been stricken with love for his princess daughter, and I was pleased.
I have spent hours praying for God to bring truth to hearts, his heart, the heart of his wife, the hearts of everyone in our family, so that we will be in complete unity. It only takes one person to step away, and not want to be a part of the family and discord is then a wound. But, we have been blessed with a strong family unit, beautiful children, another grandchild on the way, and promises from God for reconciliation.
Thank you Jesus for the visit with my grandchild. It was good and I pray for more. Give my son the ability to bring us more. Give me Your heart through all of this and Your strength and Your wisdom.
Say That Again, Jesus, You want me to love in all circumstances, and to believe in reconciliation!

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