Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sermon

We go to church in the valley over the hill. I like it a lot. I like it because it's one of the only places that I have gone every week where truth is heard consistently about who I am IN Jesus and who He is. I like it because the words spoken there are challenging to me, and because I know, that God wants me and my family to be there. I like it because I can actually feel the Spirit of God moving throughout the building as we worship, and I know His power is there. It is amazing.
The sermon today was tingling, it made my heart want to open up even wider to God and ask Him to show me more, tell me more, be more! It was all because of His statement about Mary, the mother of God. God chose to use a young a child, probably around the age of 13 to be the mother of Jesus. The Holy Spirit came upon her and she was with child. Never had it happened before and never has it happened since! Wow, we do hear the story of the virgin birth all the time, especially at Christmas, but do we really HEAR it? Do I really HEAR it? This young girl was chosen for the impossible to carry the King.
She pondered many things in her heart, but I can't even begin to imagine. Being a mother of four sons, I try to put myself in her position and think, what if? How could I even begin to wrap my brain around the fact that my son is the son of God? He is my precious child whom I need to raise and protect and teach and love and discipline....oh yeah, and worship! This child will someday be the child that dies for my sins! What?  How did she cope with that? She was His mother, He was her Savior! She was the chosen child that God hand picked to be the vessel for our King. She is the one that nursed Him, changed his diaper, protected Him, nurtured Him, watched Him grow, and then stood at the cross and agonized as He died for her sins. He was the loving  Son that tenderly told His disciple to take care of His Mother.
I hear the Christmas story every year. I read it the bible often. It's in my head. But, I'm asking Jesus to really weave it deep within my heart so that I truly get the depth of what this is all about. I have not grasped the magnitude of what He did for me by coming to this earth to be a babe---from King in heaven to babe on earth.  The miracle of Mary's pregnancy, the way it felt to her to go through the shame of not being married at the time, the faith she must have had. The gift of Jesus, is bottomless, I say that, but I want to understand it more. I want to know more of the passion of this gift, and I want to share it.
Say That Again Jesus, tell it to me in a sermon, your Word, your people, however You can, I want to hear.

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