Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fruit

It is the day after Christmas, and as I sit in the quiet of my home and reflect on yesterday, and Christmases past, almost 30 years with my husband, I feel humbled and amazed at God's gifts to me. It is because He always brings me through this season with something good, even though it's not my favorite time of year. I am very challenged this time of year, yet so blessed.
I am challenged almost every Christmas, yesterday was not an exception. But, let me tell you about the blessings, the fruit God has grown in my life. Yesterday, as I recognized that Christmas is actually a time that saddens me, I was able to reach out for support, and it helped. I recognized that I don't have to understand why I might feel sad or even have to explain myself, it's okay to just reach out and check in with someone that's willing to say "I'm here for you." I found that by checking in, I didn't check out!
My heart is full with family, as I've mentioned so many times. My sons that are so faithful and loving. God has blessed my husband and I by making them Godly men, and by working daily on their hearts. I love watching them, hearing them, seeing the way they interact with their wives. I enjoy listening to the memories they have of Christmas past. I can't wait to watch them as dads.
My husband has given me a nestled life. He has been a spiritual leader and his kindness and allowed me to grow  and feel nurtured and loved. God has blessed me through him and God has blessed our children through him. My husband has been an example of how to abide in Christ, and therefore be fruitful for Him.
I could go on, because of the amazing rescue that I so often talk about, the fruit He has done inside my soul. Jesus, touches, changes, blesses. And, He is still doing all of this as I write, each day.  There is still work to be done, it is a long road. But, Jesus is walking on the road beside me, and fruit continues to grow as I rest and abide in Him. It is a journey that supercedes all journeys. I'm staying on the road to meet the challenge with Jesus, and as He prunes the branches, more fruit will grow. This is His promise to me, and to you.
Jesus, Say That Again to me, you are  on the road with me, through every challenge.

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