Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wine skin

In my devotional this  morning I read about Jesus saying that one cannot put new wine into old wine skins. The wine skins represent the package our faith comes in. We as Christians wear out our purposes and the next generations don't relate to them.
When Jesus came, He came to fulfill the law, and to usher in a new age. He came to fill the new wine skins  But, the Jewish community was locked in tradition, the old wine skins, they didn't like it when He confronted their traditions. What about now in the church I attend, or the church you attend? If tradition is confronted, are the old wine skins offended? Have new wine skins come in and tried to fill old wine skins, bringing in new wine, not conforming to tradition, inviting a new wind, new lightness, a different view?
Did Jesus conform to tradition or was He a non-conformist? I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with tradition, I like tradition, but when it becomes the law, a tired old wine skin  breathing wrath on the new wine skin, then possibly it's a problem?
I grew up in a church full of old wine skins! And, Jesus, I want to be a new wine skin. A strong package wrapped in You, full of the power of Your spirit and Your love. I do not want to conform to anything or anyone but YOU. I want to adapt to You, be led by You, surrender to You, and be unified to Your body. Oh Jesus, Say That Again to me please, continue to make me a new wine skin!

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