Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas Tree

We Went to a Christmas tree farm yesterday where we were gifted with a tree! Our son diligently cut down a tree and carried it to the truck, a large tree. It is a beautiful tree and a very thoughtful gift. Our oldest son and his wife were with us and they picked out a tree too, so it was a fun family event. Our tree went on top of  my Land Rover with both our kids on the roof wrapping rope around it to secure it. My husband joked with them, saying they should be on the roof and the tree in the car and they both loved that idea!
As a family we have many years of Christmas memories picking out the tree, and we've always gone together as a family to get it. All the boys walking through the trees trying to decide on which tree would come home with us for Christmas. And, then we  decorate it together, and listen to Christmas music. It's a nice time together.
This year, we came home, and set the tree up and brought all the boxes in. We watched a Christmas movie. We are going to decorate the tree tonight when more family comes over to visit, and listen to music!
My husband and I have found that we are so grateful for the relationships we have with our children. It is such a joy to be with them, and see their lives grow and flourish.  We want to decorate the tree with them and enjoy life with them. We want to be a part of the life they now have, who they are. More than anything this Christmas season, we want all of them to know Jesus and what He has done for them.  Jesus, the King put on human flesh for our children so they could have eternal life. Jesus the King became a child, so my children could be saved, and He wants a personal relationship with each one of them. Jesus, died on a tree made into a cross, so my children could have an abundant life, so I could have life. Isn't this incredible? Without this, I wouldn't have my children, my sons, or my daughter! The very life I live everyday would be non existent.  Relationship, the ability to engage in each others hearts, would not happen, if it weren't for Jesus!
Say That Again, Jesus, You gave your life on a tree for me, for my children, for others. I give you my all!

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