Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Kept

This birthday, I felt loved and treasured by my family and friends. There were some significant gifts that God spoke to me through, all of them bracelets! One was a garnet bracelet with a heart charm, symbolizing compassion. For me, it has reminded me of the compassion that Jesus has poured upon me on a daily basis. his never ending love and His patience for the journey that I am on. The compassion that He has when He looks at me, and in turn, the compassion that He grows in me for others. He keeps compassion in me, to extend to others on a daily basis, because this is love and blessing.
The second bracelet has a little saying on it: "My dear friend may your day be filled with blessings and may you always have the courage to spread your wings and fly."  I really like this, and I know that if I remain captured in the Hands of Jesus, kept there with Him, He will give me the courage to fly. We will stay on this adventure together, each day looking at life, growing in new ways, being transparent, real, alive, courageous.  And, even though I feel like a scared person sometimes, I know the power of His Spirit is deeply rooted within me. I know I have His authority to overcome the enemy. And, so His name I will praise!
The third bracelet has a single charm, a butterfly. My friend chose a butterfly because of transformation.   Butterflies are creatures of amazing transformation. God created them that way! This is what He has done and is still doing with me, transformation. And, during this process He has lovingly kept me, and tenderly promised me many things. It is an amazing journey!
So, my friends may not have realized the significance of their gifts, but God was whispering in their ears. He is keeping them too, holding their hearts, transforming them on their journeys towards the kingdom.  He is molding each one of us with tools of compassion, courage, and the capacity to be transformed into His image.
Jesus, I am asking for wings of a butterfly to fly this journey with You, to be as compassionate as You, to have the courage of Your Spirit, and to always live Your truth.  I am thanking You for the blessing of friends who speak into my life. Say That Again to me, You have Kept me, because I am Your child and You love me! 

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