Monday, December 5, 2011

The Sight

When I woke up this morning my eyes were stuck together with gooey stuff, and they were hurting. Once I got them open they were red and still in pain. Ugh, I've been here before, and it's not fun. I put some drops in them, and laid down with hot packs on them.  As the morning has progressed, the redness has lessened, and the pain too, but I will need to be diligent, or I will not be able to use my eyes. And, I don't know about you, but my eyes are a necessary part of my daily coming and going!
This afternoon, while resting my eyes and visiting with God, He brought to mind the story of the man in  Mark 8. He was blind and his friends brought him to Jesus and begged Jesus to heal him. Jesus took the man by the hand and led him out of the village. He then put spit in the man's eyes, laid hands on him, and asked, "do you see anything?" The man looked up and said " I see men. They look like walking trees."  So Jesus went at it again, and put His hands on the man's eyes again and this time the man's vision was perfect!
So, what's with the tree's?  I think this is a fascinating story, and I don't really understand why Jesus didn't just heal him right the first time. What's with the tree's?  What's the message here, exactly?
Men aren't always as they seem? Yeah, that's true...
We don't always see perfectly? Yup, that's true too.
The forest gets in the way....
I prayed for healing of my eyes this morning. And, I know that He will do that. Maybe not today, but He will heal them. Because He is my Physician, my Healer, My Mighty God. I pray for insight, truth, understanding, love, depth, for His glory to be revealed, He will and He is doing all of this. It is magnificent. Who will join me in this prayer? My Mighty God is here to love on you too!
Say That Again, dear God, You are Healer of us all, take my hand and lead me to wherever You want. Heal my eyes so I can see Your way. I am Yours!

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