Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End

Today is the last day of 2011, yup, the last day of the year! Some people are very happy to see 2011 go, and are eager to greet 2012! This last year, 2011, was a full year for me and for my family. We had many joys and blessings. Our two youngest children seemed to grow by leaps and bounds and it seemed that if I turned away for even a second, they gained another inch without me seeing.
Our adult children flourished in many ways with their lives and we have enjoyed relationship with them on so many levels. And, the way that God has blessed us in our family with our children is beyond anything I could have hoped for. And, I know His hand is upon our son and daughter in law that searches for more and needs distance right now.
We have been so blessed with a ministry that speaks into the hearts of women and men. And, I know God is using our ministry to further His Kingdom. He uses it to bless others, and to bless our family.  The year of 2011 has been an exciting and full year for ministry with Jesus.
He has expanded our territory and He continues to do so.  He has sent me to speak, just as He said He would. I have found that His works have been incredible!
In 2011, I have been stretched, challenged, moved, and grown. My faith has wavered, strengthened, blossomed, and questioned. There have been days that I've been so joyful I could hardly stand it, and then days when I have felt pretty sad and depleted. Always, I have known, that He is by my side and He will talk to me no matter what the circumstance. In 2011, I raced after truth with a passion, I held on to the robe of Jesus and prayed for His glory to shine on me, I have danced in His Captured Hands, and I have hidden there as well. I have been bold, and I have been afraid. I have started a journey on a long road in 2011, and I hope it ends in 2012.
Jesus, whatever happens, whatever has happened, I just ask you to Say That Again! You are with me! This is about you and the journey You take me on. I'm going Your way.

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