Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Mess

I cleaned our bathroom the other day and I almost took a picture of it because I thought it might be nice to have some proof. I knew it wouldn't last that long, at least the counter part on my side of the bathroom wouldn't stay clear very long. I was right, it's not that tidy anymore, I have stuff I all over the place today. I was going to clear it off again this morning, but the time sorta got away from me before I had the chance to clean it up, so it's messy. My husband's side is still pretty good, I haven't worked my way over there--yet!
I had all these high hopes and good intentions that with my kids in school I would clean my house. Every day I would do at least one great chore. Every day, I think that I will start that good intention, tomorrow. I want to start with my dresser. It's kinda got the pile problem again. I've piled gifts on it for some friends, and I haven't finished taping up their packages and mailed them yet. I've also piled papers, treasures, this, that, and the other thing on my dresser. Last nights cup is there too, and a wine glass.
There's also the issue of the spare room. We haven't decided what to do with it. Sometimes we call it the office, sometimes we call it the play room. Sometimes it's just Brady's room. The closet is full of my daughters clothes, because has so many clothes, all hand me downs. I think we should just call it the room, it doesn't have a purpose at all right now. It could, it should, but going in it almost makes us sad, so we stay away. It's just the room that needs suggestions, needs cheering, needs help.
It is true that there is a mess somewhere in my house all the time. It is not a perfect place. I don't want it to be. I like messy better. It's okay with me.
Just like me, I'm not perfect. I get messy inside sometimes, my relationships get messy. I have to take inventory of the places that need cleaning and I need to let Jesus do some work. There's a lot of rooms, and it's a lot of work. It takes time and it takes effort. Sometimes, I only have good intentions and put things off until tomorrow, when that happens, it just gets worse, messier and messier. Things start to build up until I can't even see the root of the problem anymore. I get sad, and I need help!
I am so glad that in Jesus there is no condemnation! In Jesus He has taken care of everything. He has rescued me at the cross and saved me. In Jesus, I am Kept and complete. Jesus, my friend, Say That Again, In You I am kept, complete and saved.

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