Monday, October 3, 2011

The Freedom

I watched someone gain new freedom today, and it was amazing. I heard them tell their story, and it was incredible. They were vulnerable, honest, open, and totally surrendered before God. I felt moved and full of compassion towards her, and I was so excited to see all that God was doing.
The story I heard stirred up my own emotions, and reminded me of my own story. It reminded me of my own journey and the path I have traveled. It reminded me of how wonderful it is to have Jesus, how totally great it feels to have Him break the chains of bondage and set me free!
I'm still telling my story, there are still pieces of it that I am remembering and still telling. Every time I remember something, I want to tell it, and when I do, I feel a new freedom. It's my story that I want to surrender to God. It's the story that He has brought me through, and redeemed me into a life with Him. Now, I am free, sitting in His light, with Him in the heavenlies. He has chosen me, picked me up out of the pit and called me His Saint. Glory, to God in the highest!
Does this make anyone else want to dance with joy? Does anyone else feel like clapping? Are you smiling? This is cool stuff, this is Victory!
So, even with the hard stuff, and we all know I've talked about the hard stuff, there is freedom. And, I don't want to forget that. When I am challenged with all the questions, when I wonder about the pain, the trials, the memories, the relationships, I want to also remember the irrevocable gift of His freedom to me. It is good and it is mine! And, I will dance with Him because of it.
Say That Again, Jesus, you are truth, and the truth has set me free!

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