Monday, October 31, 2011

The Fellowship

God has blessed my family with a lot of good fellowship. Yesterday I went to the coffee shop to meet a friend and it was a great surprise to see two other friends there too! It was like frosting on the cake, and God reminded me of His love when I was able to sit down with them for a couple of minutes and have fellowship with them. My time with friends in fellowship is always good, and then my time with family in fellowship is very sweet. It is a joyful blessing.
Yesterday we went to church and the worship was powerful. There were a couple moments that I was moved to tears because of the intensity of God's Spirit upon the room and His people.  I was experiencing God's fellowship right there in the church and it was humbling and beautiful.  The message was filled with truth and an intensity that I have not heard from the pulpit ever before and I was excited to see what God is doing and where He is moving.  Fellowship in His community, with His people.
This morning  I woke with an uneasiness in my belly. It's Halloween. I don't like Halloween, it does not represent fellowship with Jesus. It's all about darkness and evil, and it doesn't have good memories for me.  I've never been excited about Halloween. But, Jesus, is the Victor, still. He is victorious over Halloween. And, so am I , because He lives IN me, and He has given me authority.
So, I read 1 John 2 this morning and it's not surprising that one of the verses pointed out this: "Your fellowship with God enables you to gain victory over the Evil One."
Yes! The more fellowship I have with my God, the more I will know truth, and the more victory I will have over the daily battles with the evil one!  I think this is true with His Body as well, the more fellowship I have with His Body, close intimate, REAL, fellowship the more victory I will have over the evil one!
We are having friends come to our house tonight for Halloween. We are making caramel apples, and we are going to have fun. Good friends, because God has called us into fellowship and love. And, because I am choosing to rebuild days from bad to good. And, because, We are victorious Saints called to march forward in the battle with our armor on!
So, Jesus, You have given me fellowship in many forms, and called me into fellowship. Blessed be your name! Say That Again, Jesus, Let the Saints have fellowship with the Father and with each other and they will be victorious!

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