Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Friends Closet

God has blessed me with friends that own black suits, who knew? I certainly didn't! Two friends have offered up their black suits, and I have humbly accepted to try them on. Yesterday was my first fitting, and much to my surprise, it was not too bad at all! Two jackets, two pairs of pants, and a skirt. I narrowed my options down quickly to one jacket, and one skirt.  Now, when my other girl friend shows me her options, the decision will be final and off to MI I will go with a black suit, oh, and a purple top.
This brings me to the chapter God led me to this morning and how He has reminded me how blessed I am to have dear friends---again.
In Colossians 1 the chapter talks about having a steady faith in Christ. It reminds me to have a continuous love for others in my life, to have purpose and to have hope. It talks about the beauty of God strength in my life and the joy that brings.
Just that portion reminded me of my friends and the suit sharing. My friends love me and I love them. They saw my need and they are reaching out to me. Not only that, but my friends are supporting my gift and my calling in life, they are coming along side me and lifting me up. They are giving me hope. They are being Christ reflectors to me, sharing strength, His strength, passing on joy.
This is what I want to do for others when they have a gift to share. God calls all of us to share our gifts, and as a friend I want to come along side my friends and support them, love them, uplift them in their gifts. This is my prayer to God today.
Jesus, Say That Again to me today, show me how to support others in their gifts as my friends have supported me.

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