Friday, October 7, 2011

The Forgiven

In my time with God this morning He led me to Psalms 32, and the first verse says this: "How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!" It got to me because God keeps bringing that up this week, not just through me, but through others that are being challenged with this. As I have met with other women and heard their struggles this week it has often come down to this core issue: "am I really forgiven, am I really redeemed and covered? Do I really have the gift of His Spirit, and eternal life? Who am I anyway?"
As I watch my children, especially my daughter, she struggles with this question. Who am I? She's adopted and so that is going to present some extra challenges in her life. She doesn't look like us, she comes from a different culture, she has identity questions. She, already at the young age of six is asking about her homeland of China and her birth mother. She is curious about where she started and how she came to us. We have tried to focus on her identity IN Christ, because we know that is her true identity and the only real answer to her questions.
I grew up with the same questions and always longed to know who I was, never knowing the answers. The core issue for me was not realizing that God had me covered, He had forgiven me and redeemed me. I was searching for something I already had, looking for something I already was, I just couldn't believe Him. It was too good to be true.
The gift of being God's child, His friend, His Saint, His forgiven, His eternal, complete companion, The salt of the earth, pure in His sight, the apple of His eye, etc....It's a lot to take in for someone like me! But, it is truth and I will choose to believe my Jesus. For He is my Salvation and He has saved me from the pit of hell, and I am His.
Say that Again, Jesus, You are my Savior and your gifts are irrevocable today and forever. Who am I? I am YOURS, forgiven and loved!

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