Friday, October 21, 2011

The Anticipation

Last night I spoke at a Candle light Vigil. I've been talking about for days now. Even my dog knows all about it. I wore my girlfriends black suit and purple camisole. Another girlfriends necklace, bracelett, and earrings. The only thing I owned was my shoes, and they rocked!
This is the first talk I've done totally without notes, completely depending on God and His Spirit for His guidance and direction. I've done a lot of praying, it was a huge step of faith for me.
As I sat waiting for my turn to go up there, praying, the anticipation grew. I didn't want anyone to be disappointed. I didn't want to be disappointed! I wanted to be able to truly rest in Jesus, and yet speak powerfully. What would happen?
I cannot say that I am eloquent in any way. I speak as a beginner...but this I know God's power of truth, grace, and mercy was deep within me and only grew as I spoke last night. I felt Him, and I saw Him touch lives as I looked out at the congregation. This is what He promised me, and this is what He did!
I am tired today, but it is a good tired. I am eager to see what He is going to do next. There is a battle going on in our world, if I do not wear my armor I will be casualty. It is not a game, it's the battle for souls.
Jesus, I am here, in anticipation for YOU. I know I will speak again, because you will send me to awaken souls for you.
Say That Again Jesus, there is a great anticipation amongst your people, you are calling me, calling all of us to awaken the empty souls.

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