Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dependent

The more I travel through life and the more I get to know Jesus, it is so evident to me that I must be as a child. Like my two young children are with my husband and me, always looking to us for answers, depending on us for their needs, trusting us to provide for them and meet their needs.  As I watch our son and daughter I marvel at the level of trust they have in us. They don't question whether or not I will feed them, clothe them, pick them up from school, love them, protect them, defend them, be there for them. They just know that I will be there, because I am. Jesus tells me to have the trust of a child, faith. Do I feel like that about Jesus?
As I have developed a relationship with Him, this has been my heart. This morning, I read John 5, and in there was this statement "the Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing" and it struck me how when Jesus was walking on this earth he too had to practice the faith of a child in his Father.  Further down in the chapter it explains this: "the same way the Father raises the dead and creates life, so does the Son. The Son gives life to anyone he chooses. Neither he nor the Father shuts anyone out."
I was once dead, and He chose to give me life! I was once independent, and now because I am dependent on Him I have life IN Him. It is glorious. Sometimes, my faith wavers, and I slip back into that independent stage, but because He keeps me and loves me He brings me back to His throne. I am not condemned, I am not an outsider, but am, indeed IN His heart to stay.
Jesus, I am your dependent forever, complete in you. I choose to remember this today.  I am IN your heart and you are IN my heart. Say That Again, Jesus, I am Your dependent, forever.

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