Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Rebuilt Day

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of when my friend and I had a breech in relationship. It was a very difficult time for both of us, and it was the launch of an extremely rough journey for both of us, a long year. The ripple effects of our breech was far reaching, and it is still touching my life today, and hers, and the lives of others.  God works in incredible and amazing ways.
A year ago, shortly after our situation, it was hard for me to see very far into the future. All I could do was just cry out to God to fix it! I just wanted Him to make the pain go away. It felt like everything had really gotten out of control and I just wanted to run. If I had known then how bad it would really get, I probably would have run! But, God gave my husband and me endurance and kept telling us to hang in there and to persevere, which we did. God was faithful, as He always is. We journeyed with Him, and it was difficult, painful, tearful, questionable, but the growth was incredible.
So, now, a year later, life is much different. My friend and I have reconciled, thanks to God's amazing grace. He works miracles. We spent the day together yesterday doing fun things and having good conversation. We enjoyed each other, we prayed together, we rebuilt the day. We had a manicure and a pedicure. We ate dinner, and went shopping. It will be a very nice memory in my memory bank.
Now, a year later, we are in a different church. I have been speaking. We have a Ministry house for women. God has expanded our territory greatly, just as He promised.  He is good. Now, a year later, my faith in Him is greater, my love for Him is stronger, my vision for community has more passion, my drive for relationship and reconciliation has no end, my love for family cannot be put into words, my desire for sharing His Kingdom is compelled by my love for the heart of Jesus and His healing power.
I have witnessed first hand not only what He can do in my life, but what He can do in a friendship that has been very broken and very challenged. To me, this is amazing.
So, Jesus, I have watched you rebuild walls, rebuild emotions, rebuild lives, rebuild relationships, rebuild hearts. You are the builder, the cornerstone, the Master planner. I am the one that simply surrenders it all to you so you can do your thing, and you do it well.
Say that again, Jesus, You are the builder in my life! 

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