Friday, October 14, 2011

The Jewelry

I've been so busy thinking about the black suit and purple top that it only occurred to me this morning that I really needed to consider jewelry. What a about a necklace or earrings?  I use to have a necklace with kind of a purple hue to it that might look pretty, but I gave it away. I spent some time going through my necklaces this morning and decided there was nothing there that would look good with a black suit and a purple blouse. My jewelry is suited for peace t-shirts and jeans, or tye dye skirts and cowboy boots. Hmm, this is another interesting dilemma.  I then turned to the earrings and I was faced with the very same problem. It was only confirmed that I am, without a doubt a hippie with bling.
So, I scanned through my jewelry friends and asked for a loan of purple elegance. She was right on it and we are meeting up tomorrow.  Once again, I feel blessed, and fortunate to have friends come to my rescue. It looks like I am set for MI, and God did it all through my friends.  The talking part He is asking me to wait on Him, He is going to do that Himself.
When I arrived home this afternoon I was so tired I fell asleep. All this black suit, jewelry, MI stuff has worn me out. I didn't know that fashion could be so exhausting!
Resting in His Spirit is the only way to go, being powered by Him and compelled by the living God is my driving force.  I am understanding the value and the need for His passion behind all that I do, and all that I am, all the time. Because without Him, life is pointless, right down to black suits and jewelry.
Jesus, Say That Again, keep me compelled, passionate, and moved only by YOU.

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  1. The faith to surrender 100% is a faith I long for. To know with all certainty that working and stressing is worthless if my hands are in the hands of the maker is something I desire to have returned to me. I had it once and somehow over the span of life, I let it drift away. May your speech inspire faith Bethany.


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