Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bone

My dog has a big bone she carries around with her everywhere, and she loves to chew on it, sometimes.  This bone has been with us forever, it seems. The bone ends up in strange places, like my bed, ick.  And, I often step on it in the night, ouch. Right now, it lays on the floor, beside our bed. The bone is a favorite of all the dogs that enter our house, and on Sunday evenings when our son and daughter come over we have four dogs here. The bone is then on the couch, in the family room, dining room, the chairs, wherever the last dog chewing it left it. 
Occasionally, they fight over the bone. Now and then, one of the dogs get a bright idea and hide the bone. On some days, my dog just carries the bone in her mouth all day, seeing no need to share it, only letting it down to eat and drink. It is her bone, after all.
I've considered throwing the bone away a few times, but there still seems to be several chews left on it. So, as obnoxious as it is, I'll let it stay. And, will say to my dog when I step on her bone in the night "I have a bone to pick with you!"
What am I carrying around in my life that might be old, and ready to be thrown out? What have I chewed on a few times and now it's time to spit it out? Or what do I have that I could share rather than keep to myself? Like the old bone stuff can get icky, and I need to evaluate and give it to God.
Say That Again God, take my life, bones and all, renew me, restore me, redeem me today!

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