Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Naughty Little Dog

We have two dogs. The stinky good dog, and the naughty little dog. The stinky good dog is my dog, she is big and she goes with me everywhere, at least when its cool enough outside that she can tolerate riding in the car. The naughty little dog, stays home, because he gets car sick. When he goes in the car he throws up. And, if he doesn't throw up, he poops all over our stuff. If we our lucky enough that he doesn't do either of those gross things, he then runs away as soon as we open the door. He won't come back when we call him, not even for a treat, he doesn't care if we leave him, nothing works. He is a naughty little dog.
He has lived in our home for over 13 years, so he has been part of our family for a long time. He has always been a naughty little dog. He likes to poop on the carpet. He thinks he should pee on the kids backpacks. He believes my pillow is just for him. He thinks he needs to walk within one inch of my feet at all times, consequently he gets kicked every day of his life. He doesn't seem to mind. After all, he is a naughty little dog. He won't finish his breakfast, ever, and begs ever evening for more food, always getting it. He bites children at random moments and gets away with it, I don't know how or why. His teeth are falling out. He got in a big fight with the German Shepherd down the street and ended up with a big hole in his back. It took weeks to heal and hundreds of dollars to fix. He still thinks he won that fight! He licks the blankets obsessionally, until I can't stand it anymore and tell him to stop. Then he licks our big stinky dog.
I do love him, and we keep him because our son loves him so very much, but I really don't like him that much because he really is a naughty little dog all the time and he has been from the moment we got him. That's a long time to live with a naughty little dog.
A couple weeks ago he jumped on our bed, lifted his leg, and peed on my husbands leg. See? I told you, he is a naughty little dog! This is what he does, and he does things like this to the very people that feed him and take care of him! He has absolutely no remorse at all, none.
I guess the point of my story is this. He knows he is safe and secure. He lives with us and he feels safe with us. He is just being a dog. He does what he does, and what he does is naughty. We have loved him anyway, he goes on his merry way.
I am loved by Jesus, safe and secure. Sometimes I do what I should not do, but still he loves me. My salvation is secure with Him, He has me captured in his hands forever.  Say That Again, Jesus, You have me safe and secure, captured in your hands forever. 

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  1. I find myself coming back to this post often. One of my favorites.


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