Monday, June 13, 2011

The Step

In my reading this morning, I was led to John 3. The chapter starts out by telling the story of Nicodemus, a Jewish religious leader who was a Pharisee. He came to Jesus seeking answers about eternal life, and the concept of being born again was difficult for him to grasp.
It continues on, telling of God's great and amazing love for us, He gave us His Son to die for us, consequently making eternal life a possibility. This is a gift hard to grasp, for some, and often refused.
Then, near the end is the story of John the Baptist. John makes it clear that his role is to prepare the way for Jesus. And, when Jesus arrived, John stepped aside. He had laid a foundation, and a good one, now it was time for Jesus to shine.
This was meaningful to me, because I have been working through the issue of feeling put aside. The question of "what is my role, exactly?" I know what God is asking me to do, but how exactly does that look in ministry and how is it implemented? I've had my opportunities in several areas, some of them being short and brief. Where is God working? Where does He want me to come alongside? What is my next step?
As I see the reality of some of my feelings, and understand there foundation, I spent my morning confessing to God. Those pesky thoughts of insecurities, inferiorities, fears, etc... As I processed some of this yesterday with my husband, he said "maybe its time for you to step aside in this area. You don't have to stay in." Then, God pointed out the value of stepping aside this morning. And, I have to look deeply at what that means for my life.
God's Spirit is powerful within me, and I trust His guidance and His word. I choose to have life His way, with His timing. This is my desire, and I think that may very well mean, stepping aside. His glory will shine, because He is God.
Say That Again, dear God, stepping aside is an act of humility and obedience to You. It is about you and the light that you shine on Your people. Thank you for being in my life and leading me today!

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