Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Happy

It's a sunny day, can you believe it? It's not just sunny; it's warm. I'm very happy about this and I'm looking forward to a day outside with our family. We are celebrating two birthdays today and an early Father's Day. June is a full month for our family, we have our anniversary in two days too.
Our oldest son is going to be 27, wow, he's closer to 30 than 20!! And, our next son is going to be 25, the years have flown by in so many ways.
As I watch them, and see their lives unfold with hopes and dreams, it makes me happy to see. They have chosen tender wives, good careers, and best of all, a life with Jesus!
Last night, we had dinner with friends. Just as we were finishing up our two sons with their wives came in and the entire house became lively and vivid. A lot of laughter, talking, and noise! It makes me feel happy.
Our two youngest children have collected some sticks and our nine year old has been carving them. He made guns last night, because he's a boy. I felt happy as I watched my two daughter in-laws invest energy and time into our young children and play guns with them. They did a lot of running, shooting, playing. It was joyful.
So, as today unfolds, with the sun and with our family, I plan to bask in the happy. I like to watch them, listen to them, and enjoy them all. I consider it all a blessing.
Jesus, do I make You happy? Do You look down on me and the life I have chosen and consider me a good testimony of You? Me, Your child? As You watch me with my family, my friends, my steps in life, are You pleased?
Say That Again, Jesus, I am Your child and You are well pleased!

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