Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Side View Mirror

As I was driving to a meeting yesterday, I looked in my side view mirror and it was dangling.  It was actually blowing wildly in the wind, hanging on by just a couple wires. I put my window down and stuck it back in it's place, but that didn't hold for long.  So, I got to drive down the interstate, holding my mirror in place.  I was late for my meeting. It wasn't the best experience of my life, nor was it the worst! It was frustrating, funny, typical, and it's still all of those things.
My car has once again failed me.  I've been let down by my side view mirror. It needs repair.
I have felt a bit let down the last couple of days and have been trying to work through all of those feelings. Again, I took the risk and trusted someone, and then in return I got the raw end of the deal. Just like my mirror got all dangly, so did my trust in a relationship.
I will add that the majority of my relationships are not like this. I feel loved my many people, and I trust many. But, in the last year, I have had to really work on the trust thing.  I guess I haven't worked it enough, because it's back. God continues to allow things, issues, to keep coming around until I have them resolved.  Like my mirror, it's going to continue to just dangle there, completely useless, until it is resolved. I need the mirror to be resolved if I want to see the whole picture.
So, today, I have spent some time processing, thinking, and praying. I have some decisions to make. God has cleared a path for me, He has given light.  Am I on that path? Life will never be without pain, conflict, brokenness, and heartache.  But, I can work towards the positive and hope for the best. And, I will.
I have been blessed with some beautiful reconciliation in other areas, and to me that is a miracle. God's Hand has brought peace, trust, wellness. He is truly good and amazing in every way.
So, Jesus, bring me through this trial and help me see your way. Enable me to have discernment, love, steadfastness in Your way.
Say That Again, to me Dear Jesus. You will walk this walk with me and give to me all that I need for this life journey.

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