Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Letter

I serve with a great team of women. I have respect for all of them and I know they have the same desire to please Jesus as I do. A couple days ago, I expressed my opinion through a letter and it was passionate and fiery. Sometimes, this is not a good quality of mine. I was told later that my letter was a little on the harsh side and I may need to make amends to a couple teammates. Oh dear! this did not feel the best, because my friend is absolutely right. Sometimes, my wording does not always accurately reflect my heart and someone gets hurt.
As I have prayed about this, and confessed this to Jesus, he lovingly led me to Romans 8 this morning. I was instantly reassured that there is no condemnation IN Him. He sees my heart, and those with His Spirit will see my heart as well. It reminded me that those that trust God's action in them, find that God's Spirit is within them. IN ME!! Living and breathing. Focusing my attention on God leads me out into the beautiful wide open space of freedom. With His Spirit living in me I will be as alive as Christ! God's Spirit touches my Spirit and confirms who I am. I know who He is, and I know who I am!
This is the beauty of Christian teams working together. We all have our faults, We all do or say the wrong thing at some point.  But, His Spirit touches the Spirit in others and we live as forgiving, graceful souls.
I am so very thankful for His letter to me. It is passionate, fiery, alive, bold, and all truth. It is good, even when it brings me to a place of pain.
Jesus, my loving Savior, Say That Again to me. You are truth, fire, passion, boldness and life. I will focus on You and You alone. You are my Awesome God, and In You there is no condemnation!


  1. Grace is rest in Christ for tired souls... Beaten by life's road. Thank you Lord for your rest and unending, unconditional love.

  2. Oh I was quoting that scripture to myself yesterday...because I was feeling condemned for not walking out our latest trial with a good attitude...but yes, Jesus sees my heart, He knows the truth under all the outward manifestations I might be going through. Yea for forgiveness and for no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


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