Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Prodigal

The story in the bible about the Prodigal Son is special to me, because we have a prodigal.  I know how the father felt when his son took his inheritance and just left. The Prodigal thought his father owed it to him. He felt entitled to his inheritance, and then he left and blew it all. The father always watched for him, and never stopped loving him.
Our Prodigal son is our third son. He left, with that same feeling of entitlement. He has not recognized how good he has it being a part of the family. His father, mother, brothers and sisters all wait and watch for him. We love him, but he doesn't seem to recognize that either.
We saw our Prodigal Son in the park today. He was walking with his wife and a couple others. He does not have the joy I wish for him. He looked at me, and I waved, with a smile.  I won't push myself on him, I will just wait. We have all loved him dearly--always. And, that will never stop. We will all pray for him. I know what it's like to be distressed. I know what it's like to have questions about life. I also know who has all the answers and offers peace and joy.
Jesus, speak to my son. He knows what is good and right, but keep saying all of that again to him. Bring him to a place of truth and surrender, IN You, dear Jesus. 


  1. I pray for mothers like you & like I who ache for our children,
    and for our sons who still search for that unending love which can fill the holes in their hearts.


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