Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Progress

I met with a friend last night to talk about where we are in relationship. We've been working through many past decisions for some time now. I left feeling very encouraged and hopeful. I left believing even more in God's power for reconciliation on a level that is meaningful and helpful. To reconcile with someone in whom the road had been rough, is challenging. But, I have believed with all my heart, it is the will of God.  And, not just some kind of agreement that we will be civil and kind.  But, friends. God has continually prompted me to persevere. Continually reminded me of the value of being a deep spirited friend. Continually challenged me to love unselfishly and fully.
This visit with my friend reaffirmed to me that God's hand is in this and He does prevail! I chose to obey Him, even when others told me to go a different route, and the progress I see is huge!
God is all about progress. In one of the books I have it says that we are most wounded in the area that we are most gifted! I have certainly experienced this for myself. The wounds I have are deeply rooted in speaking.  Just being able to speak words, write words, express myself. But, God in all His tenderness and kindness has began a work in me to enable me to speak. He has even asked me to speak openly and widely to women everywhere, to their hearts.
Say That all to me Again, and Again, sweet Jesus! You are a God of progress. You heal those deep places that try to stomp out our gifts. You are the healer of my soul.

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