Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mailman

My kids were playing out in the yard and one of them forgot to close the door. The mailman came across the street and started into our yard.  Well, my dog was not too impressed with the fact that the mailman was inviting himself into our yard and she charged out the door towards him. She didn't get too close because he grabbed his pepper spray and got her right in the face. She quickly retreated, my kids screamed, I grabbed my blind dog and we all ran in the house.
My son was very upset.  He wanted to go after the mailman and kick him.  My daughter was confused. My dog was in pain and retreated to my lap, eyes closed.  I quickly got a wet rag and held it over her eyes, she just laid there. Very still. We talked to her, petted her, kept the cloth on her eyes for a good 30 minutes. Then she finally got up and tried to open her eyes.  I bet she never goes after the mailman again.
So many times, I have lashed out! So many times I have been sprayed by the enemy, blinded and unable to see. So many times I have had to retreat to my closet and be still before him.
I told a friend this morning that I felt like I needed to launch myself at the feet of Jesus today, and hold on! I'm glad I did, because it's been one of those long days.
I also locked myself out of the house, and with no keys couldn't drive my car! hmmm, called my son and he was kind enough to come rescue us.
Had some tough conversations with a friend or too, they are being sprayed by the enemies pepper spray and it's hard to see. But, through it all, this I know, He is with me.  He is leading, loving, waiting, being the God of great faithfulness. He is beauty, all the time and He is my safety. So nice. He is grace.
Jesus, I'm holding onto your feet at the throne. I'm loving you today and I need you to Say That Again to me.  "Child, I love you!"

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