Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Pet Police

My dog is in trouble. She attacked the mailman. Yesterday she went after a visiting neighborhood lady. This is not good. Naturally, this was very scary to the neighborhood lady and she called the Pet Police.
I did not feel that I was able to visit with the pet police. I love my dog and was very concerned about what the next step might be. So, my husband, being the very kind man that he is, changed his plans so that he could be home to talk to the pet police.
In the meantime, my dog is seriously depressed. First, she got pepper spray. Then, she got called in. She felt so horrible she did not want to get up out of the chair, or eat food, or go outside to the bathroom. I had to insist she get up out of her chair, to go to bed. She knows she did something very wrong, and life is not the same for her.
She does have consequences. She is grounded for 10 days. She has to wear a muzzle in public. She has been labeled as an "aggressive dog"  We all have a hard time wrapping our minds around that one! She even has to have her own sign. "Beware of dog!"
I think she is feeling like life is not fair. She was simply protecting her family. Making the boundaries clear that people do not get near the ones she loves.  She was making a statement. And, on top of all that, she may be wondering why our other dog, Freddie, get away with random acts of craziness, and he doesn't get grounded or have the pet police visit him. In fact, I wouldn't even put it past Freddie, if he was the one that convinced her to "protect"
For me, when I have to pay the consequences of my actions, it can be confusing, depressing, or sad.  Others, my label me or judge me as being bad for expressing myself, or behaving in a certain way. It could be very hard on my family. Other people, like the pet police, might get called in to make an assessment, and I may just want to sit in my chair and sulk.
God disciplines those He loves. He prunes the branches. He molds me into the productive, fruitful person He so desires. And, while He is doing this, He loves me, reaches out to me, does whatever it takes to make the boundaries clear. He is God. He wants me to grow IN Him all the time.
God of heaven, King almighty, Say That to me again! You are the God that know my way, and You will guide me, love me, discipline me. You are love!

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