Friday, June 3, 2011

The Great I AM

I've had those years in my life where I felt like I was searching for who I am. There was always one more corner to turn, and so many things to figure out. Then, the realization hit that it's not who I am that needed to be discovered; it's Who He is. This was good.
And, now it's settled. I am who I am because of Who He Is! I do what I do because of Who He Is.  I am not who I am because of what I do! He is the One in charge, He sees my heart. This is why He says not to judge others, because we cannot see everything, only He can. I am who I am, because He has saved me. I am who I am because He loves me. I am who I am because He is God, and He has kept me.
I grew up in a very legalistic home. I tried to keep the rules, but in my heart, I did not believe that God was even real. It wasn't until I actually experienced Him with my heart and witnessed Him working in my life that I began to believe. The rules, regulations, requirements, they all meant nothing. I did what I did out of obligation and fear, not out of Who I was for Him.
If I am His child and fully devoted to Him, living His way will come from my heart. It will be my desire and my joy.  He will be my Authority, and my reflection. He will empower me to move on with vigor, peace, hope, and love. I'm excited to know who I am, because I know Who He is!
Say That Again, Dear Saviour. You are the Great I am, I am not.  You have made me to be like You, and I humbly bow at Your feet, and I say, "thank you."

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