Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unlock the Doors

So, I have not yet told on my blog the great story of my car being miraculously " Healed" it was amazing, exciting, and it brings a joyous smile to my face and heart!  As I've said, all the doors, except the drivers door has been locked and we have not been able to open them.  This is not convienant! The kids, the dog, the friends, the groceries, have all been hauled in over the steering wheel. We've been laughed at, stared at, questioned, all because of my car doors.
My husband and I went to visit with some very dear friends one afternoon last week.  We spent a couple hours talking, praying, and mulling over life.  It was a good and needed time.  It was healing, helpful, insightful.  What a blessing to have friends such as this, God is so good! Anyway, we left, and I crawled in through the drivers door, then my husband got in.  He jokingly said "should I unlock all the doors now?"  And, he pushed the unlock botton that had been pushed nurmerous times before with no positive result.  Well, this time, all the doors unlocked together; it was unbelievable.  I was so incredibly excited about this new development that I opened my passenger door and jumped out of the car with my arms in the air, proclaiming with delight "my doors open, they unlocked!!" I then opened all the other doors to show this glorious event was true.
Our friends witnessed this from inside their living room, peering out the window.  They came running out to their driveway to rejoice with us.  It was one of those occasions where hugs, laughter, joy, excitement were abundant.  And, in my heart, I knew it was a God thing!  He knew what we needed at that moment, and He delighted in giving it to us.  I need to know that He is there, that He cares about the small things in my life that annoy me.  He was there to reassure me that life is good, even when it may not feel so good.  He can work through any trial, big or small.
I have instructed my children to never lock the car doors, NEVER!  They find it funny to tease me while we are driving "Mom, I locked the door!" Do NOT lock the doors!! My dog will have to be the car guard, and God will guard the little hands from locking the doors!
So, that's my car story, and I marvel at God's love in this. It doesn't matter what my day is like, He always shows me in some way how much He loves me, protects me, defends me.  This is a big deal to me.  I need to be loved, protected, and defended.
He reminds me when things get rough, that He is the One that has set me free, just like my car doors.  He is the One that knows my heart, my desires, my motives.  He is the One that hears my prayers, and when I don't even know what to pray or what to say, He is the One that sends His Spirit to translate my hearts desire to the heavenly Throne.  He is the One for everything, what a wonder that is to me.
So, as I approach today and think about life and the journey He has called me too, I will pray for continual rest in Him.  Continual reminders of His promises and His love.  He will pull through, He just does.  I will not distract from the goal He has set before me, but will rejoice in the fact that He has given me a goal and a purpose.
Talk to Him today about your life and see what He says.  Ask Him to unlock the doors in your life and show truth.  I am asking Him to do that for me, unlock all the doors, Jesus.  The doors to my soul, heart, mind, so that I will see you clearly today. Shine Your light into each door and give me Your wisdom, strength, and joy! He will do it, He has promised.
Say That Again, Father, You are the One with the key to my life, and my car!

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  1. More often than not, we see every single problem as a big one and we get angry and frustrated. And then we lose our faith. But that shouldn't be the case at all. Sometimes, we need to think things through, take a deep breath, and start looking for that small flaw that stalled the whole situation. Same goes to our cars. There are times when all we need is a little check or push to get everything running again.


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