Friday, January 21, 2011


God has blessed me with some incredible friends. And, He has recently blessed me with eyes to see how much they love me! I am humbled, overwhelmed, and taken aback by the affirmation and love of my friends. God has spoken tender words through each one of them, and given them the ability to come to bat for me. It has given me joy, and it has blessed me beyond measure.
Not only that, but my children have stepped up to the plate as well.  They have blessed me with words of love and tenderness.  My daughters, my sons, and my husband have Kept me in a way that only true love can.
So, this morning, I am praising God for all the people He has so graciously given me to enjoy and love.  What an amazing Father I have!  I am asking Him to continue to use me in their lives, and them in mine.  I am asking Him to bless me with more!  An abundant harvest, this is my prayer.
God is about friendship.  He is my friend, and He loves me.  He has also assured me that He is my Defender, my Protector, my Passion.  I am compelled to move forward in Him, against all obstacles. He is the truth that I stand on, and will continue to stand. It is His strength that fills me, His Spirit that empowers me, and gives me boldness. It is Him, and His love that puts a smile on my face, even in the trial.
So, today, I raise my hands to Jesus and announce that I am His witness for Him to use as He sees fit. I surrender my all to Him, and confess that I need Him fully.  I was once a sinner, but now I am a Saint in Him. His grace is there when I screw up, and He uses all things for good. He has told me I am His strong branch and I will not break. It is because I am connected to Him, the strongest Vine! The Enemy may not appreciate this stand of mine, but in the name of my Jesus, the enemy is bound and the Power of God's Spirit will always prevail.
God's friendship and love for me and for all those in His world will prevail and strengthen. Thank you friends and family, for taking a stand with me. Thank you for living God's love in your lives and for being free in Him. Thank you for seeing me through eyes of grace, His grace, and for loving me still. Thank you for staying in my life, and not leaving.
God promised to bless my obedience to Him and He will continue to do just that.  Say That Again, dear heavenly Father, Say That Again to my friends and family too.  We all need to hear!

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  1. Bethany, Thank you so much for this post! YES!!! You will bend but you will not break. You shine for Jesus my friend. Sending much love...Jaynee


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