Friday, January 14, 2011

Got Mail?

I went to the bank today to open an account for God's new ministry, Agape Celebration.  My husband and son were there too. The lady helping us asked where we wanted our debit cards sent, and my son said to send them to the business address.  I had a brief moment of panic, more mail? 
I am not particularly fond of checking the mail.  And, when I do check the mail, I'm not completely sure what to do with it, so it sits on the counter, piling up.  I do go through it on occasion, but I never seem to get rid of the pile completely.  Sometimes, I am able to throw much of it away, and some I move to a drawer, but then there's that pile that just stays there forever.
Back to the bank, my son was quick to say that I will never have to check the mail at Agape Celebration.  Eventhough his office will not be there, he is more than happy to swing by and check the mail.  Ah, what a relief!  And, this may not seem like much to most people, but to me it's pretty big. He knows my issue with the mail, and he is willing to spare me.  It's not totally that he is willing to spare me, he wants to preserve the mail too.  He doesn't want to go searching for it after I check it!  Smart man :-)
I'm not sure why I have such an aversion to the mail. Good things come in the mail, an occasional letter or card from a friend. Catalogs that have boots or cool clothes. Information that is relevent to running a smoothe household. Sometimes we even get money in the mail! But, none of it is really enough to get me to the mailbox, and when I do get there, I usually don't open the mail.
Of course I start to think of parallels between the mail and my spiritual life. Am I avoiding anything at all that God is sending me? Do I open His word and apply it to my daily life? Is He my priority?
This morning I read Hebrew 4, it's a beautiful chapter on rest, entering God's rest. He talks about the value of receiving God's rest and the only way I can actually do that is by believing in His promises to me and having faith.  Everyday, when I believe what He says and have faith that He will do it, my life will be restful! It won't be cluttered with too much stuff, I won't be on overload, not knowing what to do or where to go with my life.  In this chapter he also talks about how His Word is like a two edged sword, it's living and active and able to judge the intentions of my heart. There is nothing hidden from God, everything is open to Him and laid bare before His feet!
His Word is His mail to me and it's packed with wisdom for my daily life.  I have to open it, utilize it, believe it. It's always something good, and the more I implement His Word into my life, the more restful my life will become. And, I will have His peace, understanding, and knowledge of who He is.
I find this to be thrilling and exciting.  He has given me a key to successful living, a lot of letters to read and share with others.  I cannot leave it unopened on the counter or just not check it, because it teaches me about love, light, and His glory!
Say That Again, Dear Jesus! Lead me in Your Word, everyday, keep it open to me.


  1. it is time for you to do a book...i love the correlations you make between our life here and now and bring the inspiration from the bible into our existence now...thanks for sharing~kandee


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