Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Pot

Cooking is not at the top of my list of favorite things to do, but I would like it to be.  I would love to be a great cook, and make great dinners every night for my family.  It's just not happening.  Yesterday was a big day for me, because I actually made beef stew, and it was good. Since, I grew up a vegetarian, I consider it a major accomplishment to cook chunks of beef and have it turn out. I chopped potatoes, celery, onion and garlic.  Threw in some carrots, and wa-la, stew! Oh, I added salt, pepper, and some vegetable broth too. Now, it's sitting in it's big pan, in the refrigerator, waiting to be consumed.
This morning as I prayed, God led me to Acts 12, and also to Colossians 2. I was praying for His guidance on ministry, church, stepping out. I was asking for His fullness to be within me today and for His Spirit to be bold and powerful within me as I move in His will and seek His kingdom.
In Colossians, the chapter tells me to focus on Christ. It tells me that I am deeply rooted in Him and I need to live Him. God is wisdom.  And, it tells me to love without restraint, to make my life a tapestry of love through Him. To get up and move according to His will, for He is the source of life.
In Acts, it's all about Peter's escape from jail, the angel of God came and released him from the iron chains and literally led him out of the jail, onto the street.  It was so amazing to Peter, he thought he was dreaming. But, after the angel left him alone in the street, Peter realized that it was not a dream, he was really free.  He went to a house where Christians were gathered and they were praying; they couldn't believe it either.  In fact, Rhoda the  girl that answered the door, was pushed aside and told she was crazy.  The Christians inside the house, did not believe her when she said that Peter was at the door!
Peter was certainly focused on Christ and the mission that he had been called to IN Christ.  He lived love and freedom through Christ, and he preached Christ. He did not live in fear, for he knew that Jesus was his Lord and Saviour, and whatever happened was God's will, because he lived Jesus! He was part of His Body, full and complete, allowing himself to be led.
I too am full and complete IN Jesus! I'm part of the Body, working to speak into the lives of others.  I'm living in the " pot of stew" with other Christians,  mixed together, flavored with love, peace, joy, His fruit of the Spirit.  I need all the ingredients in my life to move ahead and do His will.  I need to submit to His will, and allow Him to lead me wherever that path goes." Focus on Christ" not on the jail or the trial. He is leading me to new territory, expanding my faith in Him, mixing me up with other Christians that are willing to take the leap. He is stirring the pot!
So, I will obey and continue to hear His calling.  I will run towards Him, and keep my focus on all that He is, and the work He so faithfully does. I will not be detered by discouragement, or judgement, or loss. I will choose to stay with those that need love, and keep my word to others.  I will follow Him, even at the cost of loosing what I hold dear. I will live in the freedom He has so generously given me and hear His words, not lies. Who is coming along? Who is willing to get in the pot and be stirred? Step out, be led, speak truth, and be faithful.  Wanna come?
Say That Again, Father God, set my path before me, shine Your light and keep talking!


  1. It doesn't matter when I sit down to read your blog I get so much out of it. It helps my focus stay where it needs to be daily. I do my daily reading in the morning, and this has become another daily reading for me.Thanks for sharing where God is taking you.

  2. a real good stew is one that cooks under heat to blend the flavors. I'm not inclined to be placed "under heat", but being more flavorable is of great need. Can I have one without the other...probably not. Loved your "visual" of the stew...has me thinking about my willingness to submit to the heating process to bring out the best that God has in mind for me!...and for all the others that are with me in the "pot" your blogs!


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