Saturday, January 15, 2011


My life has been surrounded with boys! I grew up with three older brothers, and then I gave birth to four boys.  My husband has been in my life for over 28 years.  I like boys! In fact, until recent years, I have seemed to relate better to boys, they are fuss-free, and seem to take things at face value.  They don't get caught up in the drama, or the nitty gritty stuff in life.  This suited me very well.
Then, life began to change. God has called me to minister to women, and He has brought many women into my life. He married my sons to beautiful women.  He blessed me with a passionate, lively little girl.  He opened doors for wise women to speak into my life.
Now, I have four daughters.  Three of them are married to my three older sons. I watch them with admiration, love, and adoration.  They are the women that my sons go to for love and support.  They are strong, kind, and compassionate.  God has certainly blessed my sons, and me with special woman to speak into all of our lives.
I also have a grandaughter, our first! What a joy it is for me to hold her, talk to her, see her grow. I love the opportunity to be in her life and reflect love to her.
God has now surrounded me with women, and He is teaching me how to relate to them. It is very different than boys.  My little girl, Ruby, for example is loud, incredibly talkative, driven, mischievious, full of passion and life. She is demanding, sweet, energetic...She challenges that desire in me to be patient!
My daughters in-law bring new life to our family. They challenge me to see a younger point of view, to reach out in friendship, and to strive for more. They give me the desire to know more, and challenge me to be a Godly example. I feel honored when they want to spend time with me, or we have talks.  I am impressed by their love for my sons, and the way they relate to them. I want to be a part of their lives, enjoy them, know them, love them. I am blessed to call them daughters!
My friends seek relationship with me, they listen to me, and I feel loved by them.  My friends seek God, and they speak truth into my life, wise women that support me. My friends are daughters of the King, they model a love-filled life and reflect His Image.
I started praying for wise women to be in my life about two years ago.  Look what God has done! He has given me just what I asked for, shown me my fruits of obedience to Him, and blessed me with an abundant harvest. He has assured me that even though I sometimes am challenged with some of my relationships, He will be there, He will teach me how to love.
"Love their hearts, be hopeful for them, show up!" This is what God tells me, and this is what I strive for.  God's light is shining and clothing His daughters, and He is using me to be in relationship with them. He challenges me to look at the nitty gritty and see how it effects each life. He is giving me women that want friendship and want love unconditionally.
He is making my circle large and calling each one of us to reach out and touch His robe. Oh my Jesus, how I thank you! Continue to bring your daughters into my life and show us how to bow humbly at your throne.
Say That Again, Jesus. "Love their hearts, be hopeful for them, and show up!" Say That Again!!

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  1. Very well said. I am learning how precious all daughters of the King are! Love you sister!


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