Friday, January 7, 2011


My daughter, Ruby, is full of passion.  She has a quick temper and a busy mouth. Life is either all good or all bad, and she displays it fully.  She is rarely without a smile, unless of course she's screaming her disapproval. She is loud almost all the time, like I said, passionate! She has a new word for herself, "focus", when she's working on a project or doing just about anything, she tells herself to focus.  It's a repeat word for her, "focus, focus, focus..."
This morning in my prayers, God used the same word!  "Focus on Christ Jesus, Bethany, and everything else will come into place.  Focus!"   I need to hear this, because I can get easily distracted with other things.  With people, with pain, with direction, with questions.
He pointed me to John 3, and the chapter is about focusing on the truth and God's beloved Son! It's about living in light, not darkness.  Shining for Him. The chapter makes it clear that those who do not focus on the Son, live in darkness.  Those who run from His light, experience darkness in their life.  Those who make a practice of doing evil, addictied to denial and illusion, hate God's light and won't come near it! God's light is exposure, and that is uncomfortable, it's downright painful!
If I choose to work in His light and live truthful reality, God's light will shine on me and through me. If I am open to His will, and diligently seek Him, I will be used by Him. I will reflect His attitudes, His will, His love, His work! I won't run, or keep secrets, or hide.  I will stand in His light and be exposed!
Focus, Bethany, on Who Jesus is! Then I will know exactly Who I am all the time. I will not fall, but will live the saintly life according to His will and His glory. Focus on Him!
So, today, I choose to continue to move ahead in Him and run towards His light.  I choose to obey Him, and run towards the calling He has for me.  I choose to speak His truth in love, and love others. I choose to Focus on Jesus, even in the trials, the pain, the feelings of betrayal or saddness.  Focus, focus, focus.
My God gave me the gift of Jesus, and the gift of forgiveness at His Cross.  Why would I choose anything different?
Say That Again, dear Lord! Continue to keep my vision clear with Your Light!

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