Monday, January 10, 2011

Pleased to Be

 In my reading this morning I was directed to Galatians 2. The part that really stood out for me was where he says he quit being a "law-man" so that he could be God's man. Christ enabled him to do this, showed him how.  Paul made his identity, Christ Jesus and crucified self! Christ lived in him and he lived by faith, not flesh. He knew that his salvation was not based on his performance, but on his faith in Jesus.  Because of his faith in Jesus he was free and he desired to live a righteous life in truth, and serve others.
What is a righteous life anyway?  If I am living a righteous life I will display  an upright, virtuous, and moral way of living.  And, I will display that behind closed doors when no one is watching.  I will live a morrally right life in Jesus. I will be pleased to be Who I Am IN Him. And, I will know Him.
For some reason this takes me to this last Friday when I announced to my daughter that it was time to clean her room. Her room gets very messy.  She doesn't close the drawers on her dresser and clothes are hanging out all the time. She sees no reason to put her toys back in the drawers, or pick up all the miscellaneous stuff strewn about.  It becomes a difficult process to walk through her room.  My husband says her room is like a mini thrift store that got way too many donations!  So, Ruby and I attacked her room with dilegence on Friday.  We sorted toys, she played with long lost items that had been stashed under the bed and in the depths of her closet.  We went through her clothes.  We swept up the dust bunnies. We had a good time, but I realized that she is just pleased to be in a mess! She likes it that way, and if I didn't intervene, she would live in her messy room with all the dust bunnies until something motivates her to change.
Back to Christ living in me, He is my motivater.  He drives my life, takes action in areas that need cleaning.  He sees that there are places that I am a little too pleased to be, and He shines truth on those areas.  He seeks relationship with me, so that I will be pleased to be only IN Him. When the dust bunnies start to settle in my life, and I begin to stash away treasures that are not of Him, He moves towards me and speaks to me.  And, I am so blessed to have Him.  Truth and righteousness, as a leader for Jesus in this world, I need to be identified by these two things.  My commitment to truth, a righteous life, and a servants heart, are heavenly goals, which can only be accomplished through my Savior.
Today, I am pleased to be IN Him. I am willing to let His Light shine through me and in me.  I want Him to show me my messy rooms and clean them out.  I want my life to be a continual renewal, restoration, and revival for Him. 
Say That Again to me Jesus.  Restoration, Renewal, Revival, and Righteousness--your truths in my life enabling me to have a heart like you. 

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