Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The license plate on my car says "Kept". It's because I like words, and I especially like this one.  Jesus is the keeper of my soul, He has kept me in His loving care, forever! I am a kept person, dearly loved and cherished by Him.  He is my keeper! So, since I develop a relationship with my car, what better way to display my favorite word? My car, actually an suv, still does not have any working doors, except the drivers door. And, the windshield wipers are not properly doing their job, which becomes a problem when large amounts of slush are thrown onto my windshield.  My car is also full of kid stuff, all over the floor I find dolls, paper, sticks, rocks, etc....I clean it all out, vacuum, and then the next day it's back!  My kids live in my car and fully enjoy it.  It's a good car, even with it's quirks, which gives me an extra fondness for it.
I read in Jude this morning, on the Message side, my special word!  "called and kept safe by Jesus Christ. Relax, everythings going to be all right, rest, everythings coming together, open your hearts, love is on the way!" And then further down it says "...fight with everything you have in you for this faith entrusted to us as a gift to guard and cherish..."
So, He keeps me.  He treasures me.  He's given me a faith that I am suppose to keep, guard, and cherish.  A beautiful gift!  Everything within me fights for this gift, His gift to me.  I defend it, I live it, I seek it, I share it! It becomes what I represent, because it is Him.  Even on my messy days, He is there, seeking relationship with me, loving me, guiding me.
He also has given me His Body of people to keep me, and to love me.  I too must return the action to them. My keepers, which are my family and friends, look at my heart and they love me.  They keep me standing in truth, keep my accountable, keep loving me all the time, keep showing up in my life...reflecting His way of keeping.
I am praising Him today for His love and His gifts.  I need them desperately.  I need to know that I am loved and accepted and kept.  I need consistancy and unconditional love. I need family and friends that keep His Image in their hearts and extend it to me.  I need to be sustained and strengthened so I can do the same in return.
Where are you in the keeping process?  Who do you keep, and how do you do that? Are you seeing how Jesus has kept you over the years, and is keeping you now?  I am asking so all of us will build ourselves up in the holy faith by praying in His Spirit, and stay right in the center of God's love. I will keep my arms open and outstretched ready for the mercy of Jesus.  This is real life, for eternity IN Him.
Keep me on my feet, Savior.  Keep me tall in your bright presence, celebrating You all the time.  Say That Again, all the time, and continue to keep me daily.

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  1. It is amazing I am sitting here praying Lord what do you want me to read with you today...I thumb through my Bible and am not really hearing him. I turned to Jude and started reading then I think to myself *thought bubble* I wonder what Bethany had to say on her blog today...and behold Jude. Even though at times I'm not sure what he is saying he has a way of confirming his will. Thank you again for sharing your life and love for our Lord.


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