Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's an App for That

We are a family of IPhones, computers, electronics. We all have IPhones, we all have computers. My husband is savvy in every area that requires these uses. My sons are bringing up the rear in savvy know-how! My two younger children know more about my IPhone than I do, and they love to play on it. My husbands IPhone is full of apps, something for everything.  And, one of the sayings in our household is "there's an app for that!" The lightbulb needs changing, and the response is "there's an app for that"  Ha!
I can watch the FoodNetwork, or HGTV on my phone, because, "there's an app for that" I have FB, my Bible, a dictionary, games, and basically everything I need to get by on a daily basis.
So, is there an app for the Holy Spirit?  What about holy living? Or, how to be patient when my son locks his little sister in the bedroom? What about sanctification? Truth? And, hearing God's will?
I guess I could say that my app for all of that would be the Bible app, but if I don't utilize it or integrate the word from this app, my life won't change.
App is short for application, which means "the act of putting to a special use or purpose".  Or, "the act of requesting".
In my daily life, my app for God is prayer. When I pray, I am utilizing His Spirit in me and I am requesting the power of His Spirit to be evident in my life.  Through Him and His Spirit, I will learn to live a holy, sanctified life that mimics truth.  I will learn to discern His will for my life.  I will learn to be dependant on Him and my faith will increase.  I will be abiding in Him and be fruitful for Him. 
Prayer is a powerful app it's communication with my God, and it gives me all I need to function in daily life. He has promised to hear me, use me, speak to me, and listen. 
Say That Again, Father. I need all your apps for daily living and holiness in You.

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