Sunday, January 9, 2011

Father Abraham

"Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham, I am one of them and so are you, so lets just praise the Lord!" I use to sing this song back in the day with my friends. It's a good song. What is it all about though?
I journeyed to Romans 4 this morning, and it's all about trusting and believing God, just like Abraham did. God told Abraham, when he was an old man, that his old wife Sara would have the long awaited son! He told Abraham that he would be the Father of Nations.  Abraham basically said "ok, God, sounds good to me!"  And, he believed!
Abraham knew that God kept His promises and that He would give him a son.  Even though his circumstances could have easily convinced him otherwise.  But, he chose to believe and trust God even when things weren't looking so good.  He chose to step out in faith and allow God to work in his life.
Am I living the same way? How much belief in God do I really have?  God has already told me Who I am and what I can accomplish through Him, am I stepping out in faith and allowing Him to fulfill His word in me?
Well, let me think. God has said to me that His love is unconditional and mine should be too.  He has promised me every (not just a couple) spiritual blessings under the heavenly realm!  He has justified me, forgiven me, counted me as righteous before Him.  He has wrapped me in His splendor, made me an eternal being IN Him, called me to fulfill a purpose. He has considered me His daughter, His ambassador, and given me spiritual authority just like the authority of Jesus!  He has gifted me with His Spirit, and made it clear to me that the power of the Spirit is mine to utilize, all the time.
But, sometimes those pesky circumstances in my life get in the way of how I live. I forget, or I doubt the promise that is mine.  I loose momentum, and get off track. I start to think that I have to do something to get my life back in order---but the truth is, I just need to believe and trust.  God is leading through every circumstance and His will for me is perfect. 
What if I don't believe?  Can I pray for God to give me that too? This is often my prayer, unbelief comes naturally for me, along with skeptism and doubt.  So, my daily prayer is that God will turn all that around for me and bless me with belief, faith, hope.  It actually works! He will do this, because this is His will for me, and for all His children.
So, like Abraham, I will journey with God today. His promise to Abraham included me, and I am going to take what is mine! I will choose today to form my life around all that God says He can do, not on all that I see I can't do!
Say That Again, Lord Jesus, and use me to further your kingdom!

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