Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Trip Up The Hill

I went back to our old house today. My husband still had some stuff in the garage and I went to help him. I went in the house and it felt very different than I thought it would. It was no longer home. As I walked from room to room and thought about all our days in that house, it was okay with me that we didn't live there anymore. I came back out to the garage and my husband said, "You couldn't pay me to live here again!"
God is amazing, isn't He? Change is hard, but God always knows what He is doing. Still in the midst of the change I find that I struggle. But, it's okay. I know this is where God wants me and my family right now, so it is good. As I drove up the hill today I thought about the many times I had driven up that hill, and I said goodbye today.  I thought about the beautiful sunsets, and how I'd stop at the corner and admire the colors. I thought about the snow and getting stuck in the drive way every year. I thought about the stairs that we had to climb just to get into our house, and the grape vines behind our house. I admired the big boulders in our yard as I came around the corner, and remembered how much work it was landscaping our yard.
Now, I am in a different home. God has led our family to a country home. It's quiet here. I sleep longer here. The kids like it here, and our dog likes to run here. Our adult children are excited about this home, and can't wait to celebrate the holidays here. The view from the window that I am sitting near is very lovely. Our Christian family visits and makes themselves at home here. It is good here.
So, right now, I am feeling thankful for the home God has blessed me with. He is the God that provides and gives me territory that is good and wide. Say That Again, Jesus, You bless!

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