Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Drive through the Woods

Yesterday morning as my kids and I were pulling out of the driveway, I noticed that the woods in front of our house could be a great place to drive my Rover. So, instead of staying on the wide driveway, I turned the Rover up a steep hill and we ventured into the woods. My kids found this to be a delightful adventure as we weaved between the bushes and barely squeezed between two large pine trees. Our path was new, narrow, and somewhat treacherous compared to the well used driveway. I am certain that when we leave for school this morning, my kids will want to do it again!
As I thought about our fun adventure throughout the day it reminded me of the drive I take through life. God weaves me in and out of narrow spots, and I am almost always off the well-worn path. God leads me through treacherous areas, and brings me out on the other side, closer to Him. God is usually the only One that can see the end of the path, He knows the way, He wants me to trust in Him to get there. There are times in my drive through life that it feels like all I see is forest, with no way out, but the truth is, God is the way. He gets me where I need to be, every time!
Jesus, Say That Again. You lead the way through narrow adventures and treacherous paths. You are the driver!

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