Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Next Big Move

Our friends and family came yesterday and helped us move out of our ministry home. We started early, and worked for most of the day. We took loads to our new home, loads to the dump, and loads to Goodwill. We cleaned all the rooms. Whew! It was a big job, but it went well.
One friend of mine said that it was sad to see the end of this chapter, this is the house she has laughed in, cried in, connected in, and grown in. Many of us feel that way.
I hurried home in the late afternoon to make dinner for my family, all of our adult sons with wives were arriving and there was still a lot to do. As I unloaded my truck, Fur Ball decided to go for a roll in the cow manure. Darn dog! He came back to me with hopes that I would appreciate his new scent, when instead I had to rustle him into the laundry sink and bathe him. With my friend hanging on to his collar, I poured water and shampoo over him, laughing at his timing and the craziness of the day.
At the close of the evening, we watched a family video that my husband put together in 2010, the memories of all the good times, travel, weddings, and celebrations danced across the screen. I marveled at how much our life has changed in just two years! And, I felt thankful that God has blessed me with my family and friends. They have been a steady force in my life, pointing me to God's love.

Two of my sons topped the night off with a fire in our fireplace. It was big, and hot, and beautiful. I again was reminded of the Refiners Fire and God's tender touch. He moves my life to new and different places, holding me, teaching me, keeping me secure in His Hands.
Our evening ended late and my husband reflected on the full and busy day. He felt astonished that we fit so much into one day. We moved, we made a big dinner, our family came to see us, we took the kids to the park, we were richly blessed. 

This morning as I moved about my new home, I asked God what was next on His agenda. What does the next phase look like for me? To rest and be still in Him I will have more opportunities to process all the changes, and accept the new opportunities that come to me. I will be able to fondly remember the homes we have lived in, and the people that graced our doors. And, I will continue to thank God for the life He has given me today!
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus, Your richness will continue to grace my home and those that come into my life. You are life, thank You for breathing it into me and moving me to the next step!

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