Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Morning Light

When I get up in the morning; it is still dark outside. The room that has become my study area has a big bay window that overlooks the forest. As I study and spend time with Jesus, I can see the light dawning through the trees. It is truly very lovely.
I read in John and Matthew this morning. For John, I read out of The Voice, and then Matthew I read the NAS, and Message. I will often ask myself what it must have been like for Jesus, and what would He have done in certain situations. When He walked this earth He was so bold and courageous, and He spoke the plain truth all the time. His Light was so bright; it dawned on the crowds and individuals wherever He went.  His entire focus was to do the will of His Father, to bring His Father glory! For Him to accomplish that He had to be in relationship with the Father all the time. And then, because of the relationship, He was with others and drew them into friendship, light, and love.  He knew the hearts and motives of the ones that were not sincere, and He often spoke curtly to them, revealing their hearts. He was piercing, exposing them with truth and light.
This world is a dark place to live, but as I move through my days in relationship with Him, I live in the light. He is constantly drawing me to Himself, and bringing relationship to my life. He asks me to keep stepping forward in Him and to keep trusting. As this happens, the light shines more and more.
In heaven, it will always be light. The light from God will provide all that we need, and darkness will be gone. Everyone there will be encased in His Light forever, His warmth. Glory and praise will be His, peace will last forever. I'm looking forward to this. And, until then I am praying that His Light will be like the morning light in my life. It will rise up and shine brightly in my life and in the life of others.
Say That Again, Jesus, You are the Morning Light, You are dwelling in me, use me!

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