Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ninja Mummy

My son was in a skit yesterday for cub scouts. He was the ninja mummy! When we left yesterday morning, he stuffed his back pack with rolls of toilet paper and told me he needed it to wrap up in. When I saw him running down the center aisle wrapped in toilet paper as a ninja mummy, I felt so happy! He was having such a good time, and to him, this holiday is just about dressing up and getting candy. He doesn't know about the evil stuff that potentially comes along with Halloween. He feels safe, protected, and loved. That makes me happy.
I love the picture of a ninja mummy, because I think there are days that I feel like one. I know that God has given me a name, He has made me His warrior daughter, yet there are obstacles that come along in life that wrap me up. But, those obstacles, do not change the truth of the warrior He has created me to be. I too can run down the center aisle, right into His arms. He wraps me in His arms, and guides me through every obstacle in life. Now, that is something to be happy about!  And, Jesus, Say That Again, You've created a Warrior, I will run for You!


  1. You are and amazing warrior and I delight to know you as a friend also!
    Keep fighting for Jesus....Keep speaking for Jesus....Keep loving for Jesus!
    I love you girlfriend

    1. I love you too! Miss you. You have been a Warrior right along with me :)


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