Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Pretty and The Ugly

Yesterday I worked at our ministry house. I have been packing up the kitchen and getting as much as I can in boxes. After seeing so many boxes, I decided I needed a change of scenery and went in search of one of my favorite chairs. I found it in the upstairs hallway. I carried it down and pushed it in the back of my Rover. Nice, perfect fit! This chair is old, and it's another piece of furniture that reminds me of my grandmother. It's not really even that nice looking, but to me it's pretty. Others have commented on how ugly it is; and I can see that there are elements of it that are ugly.  Still, I like it, I enjoy rocking in it, and I was pleased to see it fit in the back of my Rover.
In our study last night we looked at Matthew 4-6. It was good, and I enjoyed the discussion. This morning as I open my bible back to those chapters, the one I noticed the most is in chapter 4, verse 19:
"And He said to them, ' Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.'"

In our study, I marveled over the fact that when Jesus called Simon and Andrew to follow Him, they didn't hesitate. The Bible says that immediately, they left their nets and followed Him. They didn't have to discuss it, ask someone else if it was okay, or just sit and think about it. They heard His call, and off they went!  They were in for an adventure, too. Jesus stayed by their side and He really did make them fishers of men! He became their life, their focus, their sole desire. And, they wanted to share the fantastic news of Jesus with others. The Light of Jesus lifted them up, shone through them, and convicted thousands!
Life with Jesus is pretty, even in the ugly. He knows my history, and even with the ugly spots, He sees the pretty. He reminds me of His love all the time, and holds me in His everlasting arms. He does not abandon me, even when my life is ugly. I fit perfectly in His arms, through it all. He always sees the potential in me, and just like my chair, the pretty shines through because of Him!
My prayer is that Jesus will continue to make me a fisher of men as well. To imitate Him, speak of Him, live my life for Him. He is the focus, He is the One that makes it all happen, not me.  My job is to immediately obey when He calls. His beauty is always there, even through the ugly.
Say That Again, Jesus! You continue to call me, and I fit with You.  I will continue to obey!

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