Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Prediction

My husband replaced his truck with a car, with the goal of getting better gas mileage. It's a nice car, and it's fun to drive. I drive it on the days that I have a lot of errands and my Rover sits at work with my husband! Yesterday, I had the car, and on my way back from getting my children from school, I noticed a flashing light on the dashboard. The car temperature was way up in the danger zone. I called my husband, and he said he would come and check out the problem. So, we waited, and the car cooled down.
My husband drove up in my Rover, the car that has issues but still runs, and he determined that his car needed a mechanic. So, he drove off to the mechanic, the Rover, the kids, Fur Ball, and I drove home.
The end result is several days with the  mechanic, and 1200.00!!  Not pretty.  It was distressing news to hear that the new car member in our family was going to be so costly.  Who knew?
As I drove back into town later that day, I had some time to think about the new car issue.  I didn't waste time asking God why, but I did post a complaint. I also thanked Him that the car broke down in town and not out on the prairie somewhere. I was able to get help right away, and move on with the pressing things of the day. I did ask God for a way to provide for the car, 1200 dollars is a lot of gas.
It was another unpredictable moment in our life. And, I'm seeing that basically, that's what life is, unpredictable.  The one thing I can predict is the guarantee of God's promises. He says He has a plan, a purpose, and He will prosper me. So, I predict that through it all, it will somehow turn out prosperous. It has to, because my life is His plan and He has a purpose.
Jesus, Say That Again to me today. It's early, but I already feel obstacles for today. But, You have promised to prosper me through all circumstances, so I predict it will work out according to Your plan.

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