Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Ribs

A friend invited me to come to her house for dinner. She made ribs, my favorite food. It was very good, and by the time I arrived at her home, I was really hungry. I hadn't eaten that much yet. Other friends were there too, and it was nice.
I arrived home late, and went right to bed, but I was unable to sleep. My mind was racing with many thoughts about many things. As I laid there and prayed for God to calm me, I eventually fell asleep.
This morning, as I opened my Bible, I read in John, I then looked the chapter up in The Voice. This verse was prominent for me:

If you hear my voice and abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, you will know the truth, and that truth will give you freedom. John 8:31

Some of our conversation last night over ribs reminded me of truth, and I continued to think of it. Jesus has said that if I abide in His Words, I will know truth, and with each gem of truth, there is more freedom.  Living in truth and walking the path is important to me, abiding in His Words everyday, all the way. I have to say though, that sometimes it is like eating ribs, messy!
Just like the disciples of old, who walked in truth and His Word, they experienced a messy life. They were constantly thrown challenges, and confrontation. So was Jesus. They had to keep their eyes focused on truth, so that freedom was theirs. Some days were not easy at all, yet they persevered through Him.
Jesus, I have found that some days are not easy, they are simply messy. I strive to abide in Your Truth and Your Voice whispers to me. Please Say That Again to me today, and let Your freedom reign!

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