Friday, October 19, 2012

The Country Experience

There are moments that living in the country is peaceful and nice, but then as quick as a twister move, I can have a different experience, and it's not so nice. It's like Fall, I think it's actually a beautiful time of year and I love the color. But, then, as quick as death can overtake a life, I feel like Fall is not that great anymore, because after Fall, there is winter. And, it's cold.
Sometimes I have those moments that my head twirls, and I can feel a mix of all kinds of emotion. It's the raw emotion I read about, and I know there is only one good solution, Jesus! Pray for Jesus, pray for something different, pray for adjustment, pray for change, pray for His Breath to overtake my soul!
Right now, at this moment, I am praying. It feels like I should continue to pray all of the day. Jesus, I know You see me, You hear me, You love me. Say that Again so I remember!

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