Friday, October 19, 2012

The Search

Both my husband and I drive old vehicles. His is especially old, and we need to replace at least one. I'm not that excited about replacing my Rover. I like it, and in my opinion, it has been a loyal daily companion! So, my husband is going to sell his Durango, and we are going on a search for a new vehicle. We need one that is not too expensive, and one that gets good gas mileage. My husband found a four wheel drive Buick that he seemed to think was the best ever, so my son and I went to look at it with him.  Sadly, we did not think it was the best ever, I termed it as boring. My son said it was an old person car!! My husband did not understand our point of view, but decided that since I will have to drive this new vehicle, we should look some more. Tomorrow, we are looking at two more. One is an SUV, the other a car. The car gets really good mileage and I think we will lean more that direction, since I have come to the place of agreeing to drive a smaller car and work on my feeling of being unsafe in small cars.
This morning I read more of my book, Unglued, while I ran on the treadmill. I have tagged it the "treadmill book" The book reminds me of several different episodes in my own life, and my search for resolution, renewal, and restoration.  Just like our old Durango, some of the old habits need to go, and be replaced with something more efficient. I like her view on God's Word and her encouragement to bring His Word into the present and make it an application to my current situation. It's a good habit to have because it produces peace, and the ability to do difficult things. Even in the simple like switching vehicles; it can still present a challenge for some.
The search, the journey, the life God has given me is all about glorifying Him and being in His presence. There are times I get distracted with the circumstances that come my way, but I am seeing that He has a spotlight and it is bright. It makes the search worthwhile, at least eventually.
Jesus, shine Your light, if I search in the wrong place, make Your Way brighter. Continue Your leading, Your love, and Your wrapping. Say That Again, You will be at the beginning and the end of every search!

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